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    employs highly trained, knowledgeable technicians and staff. We strive to provide our customers with the highest level of honest service and quality of repairs.

    Open since 2003, we care about our community, our customers, and giving them safe, reliable vehicles they can trust.

    In the Fall of 2019 Perfect Performance changed ownership and management. Jake Krahn, previous owner of Precise Automotive, joined by Rueben Peters now make up the new management team. The business has moved from its previous rural location right into the hamlet of La Crete making it even more convenient for customers.

    Perfect Performance continues to offer service, repair and maintenance on all makes and models of vehicles. We also have a full line of engine rebuilding equipment in order to provide heavy duty and automotive engine reconditioning for customers as well as small engine reconditioning for the ATV owners in the area.

    Next time you need a mechanical repair, give us a call, we would be happy to assist you!
    Perfect Performance


    Perfect Performance racecar
    Box 1469
    9602 - 99 Street
    La Crete AB  T0H 2H0

    PH: 780.928-2960


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